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Premier Personal Protection Services Durban

To Serve and Protect
Founded in 1997, Compaq Security prides itself as a bespoke, legislatively compliant and dynamic service provider of Specialised Guarding Services, Alarm & Electronics and Investigative Security.

First and foremost, Compaq Security considers itself guarding specialists within the Durban area. With seventeen years’ experience, we have built an indisputably strong reputation for integrity, performance and reliability.

It is our vision for Compaq Security to stay small enough as a business to allow us to offer personalised services to each of our clients.
All of our security personnel are trained and tested annually, to ensure their skills stay sharp and that they provide the best service according to industry standards.

If you’re in need of personalised, holistic security solutions, contact us today.

Compaq Security offer the following services:

Security Guards Durban

Compaq Security offers industrial, complex, event and residential guarding in Durban, South Africa.

Personal Protection Services/ VIP Escorts

Closed Protection officers who provide armed walkabout and vehicle driven protection to VIPs.

Industrial Alarms & Electronics

Most businesses require alarm electronics in support of guarding and access control services. Compaq Security offer a holistic security option to support our guarding services.

Residential Alarms & Electronics

Not all alarm-electronics requirements are the same. Each job in the residential arena has its own unique needs and threat dynamics.
In Durban, the need for a personalised residential security company still exists.


Compaq Security supply simple, effective and user-friendly CCTV installations and solutions. We will work according to your needs and budget, to find the perfect solution.

Investigative Security

Compaq security offer confidential and highly effective investigative security solutions. Stock loss, employee integrity and fraudulent administration are some of the common things we investigate and eradicate.

If you need more information about our services, click here.

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